Neuroscience Graduate Student Association

The Neuroscience Graduate Group has a departmental GSA, the Neuroscience Graduate Student Association (NGSA). The NGSA was originally formed in 1994 to officially convene in order to be able to petition for event money from the GSA, the Dean, and the undergraduate campus organization (ASUCD). The student selected as the NGSA representative acts as the lead representative for the departmental group. This student acts as the primary liaison between the students and faculty/staff of the graduate program. It is this student’s duty to organize the annual spring meeting, ensure that all committee and officer positions are filled within the NGSA, authorize the treasurers to issue reimbursements, develop and implement the yearly student agenda, and coordinate the dissemination of information between the various committee members/officers and the students. This student also serves as a liaison between the students, faculty, and administration on various administrative issues that arise for students. These issues include, but are not limited to UCD Internal Fellowship applications, course curriculum analyses, new student orientation, and social activities for students and development of student resources for graduate success. You are automatically a member of this auspicious and distinguished association just by being here!



Neuroscience graduate students are active in all aspects of policy and academic life in the Neuroscience graduate group. Students are selected annually during the Spring Meeting (every May/June) to fill a variety of positions for the graduate group. These positions are filled by nomination and (if necessary) a vote at the annual Spring Meeting. This is a great way to get involved in the program and to interact with fellow students. Below is the list of positions and position leaders for 2020-2021: