ByLaws/Degree Requirements

Neuroscience Graduate Group Degree Requirements 

You are responsible for fulfilling the Neuroscience degree requirements when you enter the program. Changes in program requirements normally should not affect students already in the program. You should be able to complete a degree under conditions in effect at the time of your admission or reentry. You should also be able to follow any degree requirement(s) that come into effect after you enter the program, if you choose. With that in mind, keep the Neuroscience requirement information you are given at your orientation in the fall and refer to it as needed. You may also find past and current degree requirements below.  

Current Degree Requirements

Archived Degree Requirements:

Neuroscience Graduate Group ByLaws

The Graduate Group in Neuroscience is organized primarily to establish and administer graduate training leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Neuroscience, in conformance with the rules and procedures of the Graduate Council and the Office of Graduate Studies of the Davis Campus of the University of California. 

Current ByLaws