Molecular and Cellular Biology Training Program

Program Description

The primary goal of this successful predoctoral Training Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology at UC Davis is to provide Program Trainees with the breadth of knowledge and research training, and career skills, that will prepare them for their own successful careers in the national biomedical workforce. Training is provided by 67 Trainers in 16 academic departments, with wide-ranging interests including genetics, biochemistry, structural biology, cell, molecular and developmental biology, physiology and neuroscience. Trainers are selected from the top molecular and cellular biologists on campus, each with an active research program and a successful track record of mentoring. Trainees are selected from the most qualified graduate students across five different Graduate Groups. Training is accomplished by integrating Graduate Group coursework and PhD thesis research in individual laboratories with a set of coherent training activities developed by this Program. We believe that this combination of training by graduate group, discipline-specific training in Trainers’ research laboratories, and the interdisciplinary scientific training
in cutting-edge molecular and cellular biology and career development offered
by this Training Program, will make our trainees better prepared for the
changing technical and intellectual climate faced by the next generation of
basic biomedical scientists.

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